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Before wrapping up this course, let’s take a moment to review the most important takeaways from the lessons.

Rich Lander

Independent consultant and Platform Field Engineer

I am an independent consultant and Platform Field Engineer. I was an early adopter of Docker and Kubernetes and have spent the past few years helping enterprises adopt cloud native technology.

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Hello everyone. This is a recap of the Kube Academy, course building apps for Kubernetes. I'm Rich Lander, senior Kubernetes architect at VMware. In lesson one, we looked at how to install all the tools you need to develop apps for Kubernetes. In lesson two, we covered how to build container images for your application, and in lesson three, we examine how to run Kubernetes locally, using Kubernetes in docker or kind to run your app as a pod resource. In lesson four, we addressed how to deploy your app using service and deployment resources, and also how to customize those resource manifests for different environments, using the customize tool.

In lesson five, we looked at how to package your application using Helm, and finally, in lesson six, we covered how to speed up the feedback loop and improve your developer workflow using scaffold.

Hope you've enjoyed these lessons and are looking forward to using what you've learned to develop apps for Kubernetes, and if you're looking for more, check out the other courses we have available in Kube Academy and continue your journey into learning cloud native technology. See you next time.

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