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Apr 9 - Building Applications on Kubernetes: Setting up your Workstation

Josh Rosso and Eric Smalling host this webinar for developers who are responsible for developing applications to run on Kubernetes, but aren't sure where to start.

May 20 - Building Platforms on Kubernetes: Ask the Experts

KubeAcademy Instructors Rich Lander, Josh Rosso, Jonathan Smith, and Eric Smalling discuss the main concerns you need to solve for when building a platform on Kubernetes.

Jun 18 - KubeAcademy Webinar: Security Secrets Management

This webinar provides you with a better understanding of the different approaches you can take and the considerations you should make when it comes to Secret Management in Kubernetes.

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How to Achieve AWS, Azure, or GCP Observability at Scale

The adoption of multi-cloud is on the rise among enterprises. However, major cloud providers including AWS, Azure, GCP, or VMware Cloud on AWS are different and monitoring across diverse cloud environments is not easy. Learn why VMware Tanzu Observability by Wavefront is essential for unified, full-stack, multi-cloud observability, and analytics.

Best Practices in Kubernetes Security

Understand potential risks in your cluster, and the best practices for securing sensitive workloads

Best Practices to Enable Continuous Delivery with Containers and DevOps: Free Gartner Report

What’s fast, reliable, and green from top to bottom? Your delivery pipeline (if you follow these best practices).

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TGI Kubernetes Episode 170 - Testing with the new E2E Framework

This week in TGIK we will explore testing of Kubernetes components. Specifically we will look at the newly launched E2E...

TGI Kubernetes 169: Exploring CSI idempotency and leaky resources

Join xing and jay as we explore how CSI providers and Kubernetes controllers deal with idempotency and resource leaking for...

TGI Kubernetes 166: lima and nerdctl

Notes and files from the episode up at: - 00:00:10 - Welcome to TGIK! - 00:02:51 - Week in...

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Kubernetes Sucks for Developers, Right? No. (The Podlets, Ep 21)

We are joined by Ellen Körbes for this episode, where we focus on Kubernetes and its tooling. Ellen has a...

Kubernetes Operating System (The Podlets, Ep 20)

Running Kubernetes on conventional operating systems is time-consuming and labor-intensive. Today’s guests Andrew Rynhard and Timothy Gerla have engineered a...

Application Modernization with Chris Umbel and Shaun Anderson (The Podlets, Ep 19)

Today on the show we are very lucky to be joined by Chris Umbel and Shaun Anderson from Pivotal to...