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The best Kubernetes training I’ve seen.
The examples covered in the videos are great.
Great source of material for beginners.
Software Engineer
Easy to consume technical and business aspects.
Tech Leader
For a novice to Kubernetes, this has been fantastic and represents a great higher level view of complex things.
Product Manager
Keep it up. This is just perfect.
Reliability Engineer

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KubeAcademy instructors are subject-matter experts and are actively involved in the upstream Kubernetes community. They use their deep technical experience to design and deliver pracitical Kubernetes training.

More Ways to Learn Kubernetes

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TGI Kubernetes

Every week, TGIK hosts live-stream their dive into new Kubernetes tools and concepts. Join every Friday at 1pm PT to follow along and learn.

Kubernetes Up and Running

Written by two Kubernetes creators, this book describes the Kubernetes cluster orchestrator and how it can be used to improve the development, delivery, and maintenance of distributed applications.

Developer Resources

The VMware Tanzu Developer Ceneter aggregates Kubernetes guides, videos, and blogs to build better and deploy faster.

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