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Kubernetes Core Concepts

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Kubernetes Core Concepts: Part 2 - Managing Applications


Getting your application successfully deployed and working in Kubernetes is the first step. Deploying updated versions and handling configuration changes between environments are next steps that need to be addressed. In this course we teach you the standardized features and approaches for handling deployment lifecycle and application configuration in Kubernetes.

Kubernetes Core Concepts: Part 3 - Cluster Concepts


Running a single application in a single Kubernetes cluster is uncommon. Typically there will be many applications running in the same cluster and also many different clusters in your organization. This course teaches you the networking considerations for getting traffic to your different applications in the same cluster. We also share advice and considerations

Kubernetes Core Concepts: Part 4 - Additional Application Features


Applications have various complexity and typically, when first learning and using Kubernetes, simple applications, like web servers, are deployed and used. Applications that need persistent storage and are configured differently per environment have additional requirements. In this course we cover the features of Kubernetes that satisfy these requirements.

Kubernetes Core Concepts: Part 5 - Workloads and Security


Most applications people first deploy to Kubernetes are servers that run until they crash or are intentionally shut down. In this course, you’ll learn the other types of workloads that Kubernetes is capable of running and security related concerns to apply to each.


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