Olive Power

Staff Solution Engineer at VMware

Olive is an ex-scientist who has found her way into the innovative and sometimes experimental world of Kubernetes and its ecosystem—and feels right at home. She currently works at VMware, which she transitioned to as part of the Heptio acquisition. She is working on upstream Kubernetes, and helps customers design and build their Kubernetes platforms. She has previously worked at Red Hat, HP, and Fujitsu. When she is not working she is busy being happily outnumbered by her two sons.


Kubernetes in Depth

Kubernetes in Depth

From Kubernetes architecture to quick dives into Kubernetes object types. The Kubernetes in Depth course covers the concepts you’ll need to understand how Kubernetes works.

How to Prepare for the CKA Exam

How to Prepare for the CKA Exam

The CKAD certification is the globally recognized IT certification for the industry’s fastest-growing technology—Kubernetes. This course lays out a learning path for exam preparation. We'll cover the exam format, how the exam is scored, and study resources.

9 Lessons