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Nicholas Seemiller

Hello! I am a Software Engineer with VMware and a relative newcomer to Kubernetes, deploying my first application in early 2020. That experience showed me the power of Kubernetes and led me to join an Open Source focused team at VMware so that I could give back to the community.

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I am currently a Software Engineer with VMware. In my current role I am helping to bring VMware’s flavor of Kubernetes to the Open Source community

Prior to VMware, I was on the Pivotal Tracker team for 10 years at Pivotal Labs. My time at Pivotal allowed me to wear many hats and become a true generalist. I had the opportunity to learn and participate in every aspect of building, deploying and maintaining a production web application. My final contribution to Pivotal Tracker was deployment with Kubernetes.

Computers and programming have been life long interests. When I’m away from the keyboard, I enjoy mountain biking, hiking and wine.