Neil Winton

Staff Solution Architect at VMware Tanzu

Neil joined VMware (in fact, Pivotal, before its later acquisition) in 2018, moving into education after more than 30 years spent working in software engineering in telecoms and finance. During that time he has he has managed teams, run critical operational systems, contributed to international standards and led software engineering communities of practice. He has worked on everything from low-level UNIX kernel development to multi-national distributed systems management, tackled sprawling legacy codebases of millions of lines, and encouraged and celebrated highly productive, truly agile teams. Computing technology has changed immensely over Neil’s career, from the days of mainframes and dial-up networking to ubiquitous connectivity and hyper-scale clouds. He continues to relish the challenge of learning and problem solving, using the latest technologies, tools and techniques that become available. But software has always been, and continues to be, a “people” business and Neil loves helping other people to learn, grow and develop — both within a work setting and outside.


Kubernetes Platform Design

Kubernetes Platform Design

This course will discuss the typical platform addons that are not part of basic Kubernetes. System administrators and Cluster Operators will learn the skills of operating an existing built cluster.