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This lesson we will review the key points we addressed throughout the course.

Patricia Bogoevici

Director for Kubernetes Services in the Modern Application Platform Business Unit at VMware

Patricia Bogoevici is a Director for Kubernetes Services in the Modern Application Platform Business Unit at VMware. Patricia has a strong background in consulting services, helping companies implement digital transformation solutions.

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Rachel Leekin

Kubernetes Field Engineer at VMware

I’m a Kubernetes Field Engineer at VMware where I help customers through their Kubernetes journey.

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Rachel Leekin (00:04):

Thank you for staying with us throughout the course. We presented a lot of information from several Kubernetes user viewpoints. We want to leave you with some key takeaways. I'll pass it over to Patricia to take you through this

Patricia Bogoevici (00:19):

As Rachel said, we are at the end of our course, and we hope that you enjoyed it. We'd like to review a few key takeaways that we think are important to remember. Kubernetes is important to business users, because it provides the modern application platform. Kubernetes accelerates time to market for applications because it shortens the time from idea to production. Kubernetes enables developer productivity because it provides the platform where applications can be deployed faster and more efficiently, allowing the development team to enter a new functionality at an increased pace. And we also gave you a few steps on how to get started with Kubernetes today for your business.

Rachel Leekin (01:12):

Please check out Kube Academy's other courses to help you progress through your Kubernetes journey. Thank you and I hope you enjoyed the course.

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