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Introduction to the Business Case for Kubernetes

This lesson will review the topics that will be covered in this course such as Kubernetes for Developers and we will get to know more about the instructors.


Patricia Bogoevici (00:03):

Hello. Thank you for joining us today for the Business Case for Kubernetes course. This is Patricia Bogoevici. I am director of field engineering at VMware, and today I have with me Rachel Leekin, and I'll pass it to her for introductions.

Rachel Leekin (00:21):

I'm Rachel Leekin and I'm a Kubernetes field engineer on Patricia's team. In this course, we will discuss the following. What is Kubernetes at a high level. If you're interested in more depth discussion about Kubernetes, check out the other Kube Academy courses, such as Kubernetes 101 and Kubernetes In-Depth. Why is Kubernetes important to your business?

Patricia Bogoevici (00:46):

In addition to what Rachel said, we will also talk about why Kubernetes is important to your teams, as well as to your business stakeholders like application owners or product managers. But also go into how you can leverage Kubernetes to accelerate time to market, and what you and your team need to do to get started with Kubernetes. But first, we would like to introduce ourselves. As I mentioned in the beginning, I am director of field engineering in VMware, and I have an extensive background in cloud services, strategy, and team leadership. I help companies implement digital transformation strategies that propel new products to the global marketplace. On a personal level, I'm a long-time agile advocate and a practitioner of Lean methodologies.

Rachel Leekin (01:43):

Once again, I'm Rachel Leekin and I'm a Kubernetes field engineer at VMware. I'm also a US inventor. I'm passionate about the latest and greatest technologies. I like to help our customers implement new technologies and exceed their business goals. Currently I'm a Brown Belt in TaeKwonDo and I'm training for my Black Belt. I'm also a huge soccer fan and my favorite team is Chelsea FC. Enjoy the course.


Rachel Leekin

I’m a Kubernetes Field Engineer at VMware where I help customers through their Kubernetes journey.

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Patricia Bogoevici

Patricia Bogoevici is a Director for Kubernetes Services in the Modern Application Platform Business Unit at VMware. Patricia has a strong background in consulting services, helping companies implement digital transformation solutions.

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