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Before you move on to the next course, let's take a moment to review what we learned in the Getting Started with Kubernetes course.

Jonathan Smith

Director in VMware’s Cloud Native Field Engineering and Education

Hi everyone! I am a Director in VMware’s Cloud Native Field Engineering and Education organization. My team works with customers to both teach Kubernetes and Cloud Native concepts as well as help implement solutions in this fast-changing space.

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Thanks again fr joining us for this Getting Started course. Hopefully you learned a few new things and are ready to jump right into our next several courses. I want to leave you with this final quote that I think summarizes things very well. And it's a quote by Joe Beda, where he often says, "People ask for Kubernetes, but what they really want is agility." And I'm sure you have the same experience, whether you're from an operations background or a development background, organizations need to move faster to respond to customer needs, and the tools, the processes, and everything around our IT ecosystem really has to be able to help organizations respond to those external pressures for agility and speed of delivery. Thanks again for taking this Getting Started course and hope to see you in future courses.

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