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How to Achieve AWS, Azure, or GCP Observability at Scale

The adoption of multi-cloud is on the rise among enterprises. However, major cloud providers including AWS, Azure, GCP, or VMware Cloud on AWS are different and monitoring across diverse cloud environments is not easy. Learn why VMware Tanzu Observability by Wavefront is essential for unified, full-stack, multi-cloud observability, and analytics.

Best Practices in Kubernetes Security

Understand potential risks in your cluster, and the best practices for securing sensitive workloads

Best Practices to Enable Continuous Delivery with Containers and DevOps: Free Gartner Report

What’s fast, reliable, and green from top to bottom? Your delivery pipeline (if you follow these best practices).

Comprehensive Kubernetes Observability at Scale

A Guide to Enterprise Observability for Kubernetes Environment, Full-Stack. Understand how to effectively alert, troubleshoot, and optimize across the Kubernetes environment of tens of thousands of pods, including the host, cluster, container, networking, and the applications on top.

How to Think Cloud Native

Bite-sized thought pieces on the definition and development of cloud native capabilities

Kubernetes for Executives

See why enterprises are turning to containers and Kubernetes as essential tools for building, deploying, and running modern applications at scale.

Kubernetes for Developers

Learn how Containers and Kubernetes help Developers deliver software more quickly and with higher quality.

Kubernetes for Operators

The benefits of Kubernetes are unmatched. But the path to adopting Kubernetes isn't always clear. This eBook is your guide. In it, we explore the most important things you need to know to map your company's journey to Kubernetes.

Best Practices for Container Success

Container adoption is increasing, and security must come along for the ride. Organizations value the scalability and agility that containers offer, but containers introduce new security challenges that can't be addressed with traditional tooling. Read this report from Forrester Research to discover best practices your organization can adopt to protect their containerized application environments.

11 Methods to Manage and Secure The Container Lifecycle

Deliver secure, revenue-generating features faster and be more responsive to your customers with modernized apps and teams. In this paper, we’ll reveal 11 DevSecOps practices over the container lifecycle that every team must consider when modernizing.

Get Kubernetes Up & Running, Fast

Co-written by Joe Beda, the co-creator of Kubernetes himself and Principal Engineer at VMware, this eBook shows how Kubernetes and container technology can help you achieve new levels of velocity, agility, reliability, and efficiency. Teach your teams how to successfully use Kubernetes. The more confident they feel using K8s, the faster your production cycles will be.

Benefits and hurdles: A snapshot of Kubernetes in 2021

Increase agility, speed up software delivery, and support digital transformation. Those are just a few of the many benefits of Kubernetes. But many organizations are still facing roadblocks as they attempt to make the best use of this high-powered technology.

In this report, we discover how Dev and Ops benefit from Kubernetes as a practical framework for application development. Plus, we look at how it can help management increase resource utilization to overcome the limitations of ticket-based management.

Production Kubernetes

Build winning application platforms with production Kubernetes.