Learning Path Understanding Cloud Native

3 Courses
2h 44m

If you are new to Cloud Native concepts and Kubernetes, this Learning Path will introduce you to the history and industry pressures that necessitated the rise of Cloud Native practices. The courses in this learning path provide a broad overview of the Cloud Native landscape, cover Container and Kubernetes concepts, and provide hands-on experience with the technologies.

Getting Started with Kubernetes

Getting Started with Kubernetes

The Getting Started with Kubernetes course is designed to help students navigate the cloud native ecosystem. Learn why cloud native and Kubernetes are becoming an important must-know technology today!

6 Lessons
The Business Case for Kubernetes

The Business Case for Kubernetes

Businesses are rapidly modernizing their applications and they want to understand the whole ecosystem of solutions. This course demonstrates how your teams can take advantage of Kubernetes and the ecosystem. Focusing on how Kubernetes can enhance teams’ work cycles with its flexible and extensible architecture.

Interactive Introduction to Containers and Kubernetes

Interactive Introduction to Containers and Kubernetes

Ready to dive a little deeper into the world of Kubernetes? Get up to speed on the first principles of a cloud native infrastructure, then learn how to containerize and deploy a Kubernetes application in our lab environment.

4 Lessons
1h 36m