Nick Stogner

Founder and Principal Consultant of Upgear

Nick Stogner is the Founder and Principal Consultant of Upgear. Nick has an app-dev background, having worked with Go and Kubernetes since 2016. Day-to-day, Nick helps customers implement internal Kubernetes platforms with a focus on improving developer productivity. He helps teams extend Kubernetes to fit their business needs through building custom operators and tools. If you can’t get a hold of Nick on the Golang or Kubernetes slack channel, it is probably because he is surfing, paddle boarding, or kiteboarding somewhere on the coast of North Carolina.


Building Applications for Kubernetes

Building Applications for Kubernetes

This course is for developers that are new to building applications to run on Kubernetes. It covers how to build container images, run your app locally on Kubernetes, tools you can use to improve your workflow, and how to manage manifests for deployment.