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Jonathan Smith

Hi everyone! I am a Director in VMware’s Cloud Native Field Engineering and Education organization. My team works with customers to both teach Kubernetes and Cloud Native concepts as well as help implement solutions in this fast-changing space.


My path to technology took a circuitous route—I started my career working in a microbiology lab. Eventually, I enjoyed the time spent learning how to analyze our data and share with the world via the Internet more than lab work (and was drawn to the much faster results). So, I jumped into technology by completing a Master’s in Information Security & Privacy, and joined The Vanguard Group as a software engineer. I spent most of my early career in technology as a software engineer at Vanguard, then as a software consultant at a boutique consultancy, developing large-scale applications for the Enterprise. After an acquisition by Red Hat, I led teams helping our customers implement middleware solutions and build applications to support their businesses. After a foray building the West Coast arm of a boutique consultancy, I arrived at VMware (via the Heptio acquisition) where I manage teams responsible for delivering solutions to customers on the Kubernetes platform.

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