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Tanzu for Kubernetes Operations: Preparation and Prerequisites - MOVED TO

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Neil Winton

Neil Winton is a Staff Solution Architect within the VMware Tanzu Learning team. He has more than 35 years’ experience within the software industry and, although he has always been a software developer at heart, most recently he has enjoyed helping people to learn about cloud-native technologies and applications.

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Nicholas Seemiller

Hello! I am a Software Engineer with VMware and a relative newcomer to Kubernetes, deploying my first application in early 2020. That experience showed me the power of Kubernetes and led me to join an Open Source focused team at VMware so that I could give back to the community.

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Nigel Brown

Nigel is a Senior Open Source Community Manager at VMware who enjoys bringing people together and enabling communicating about technology.

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Scott Lowe

Scott Lowe is a Principal Field Engineer at Kong, Inc.

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