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Questions, Answered

If you could ask the creators of Kubernetes anything, what would it be? Now’s your chance. Joe Beda, Co-creator of Kubernetes and Principal Engineer at VMware is taking your questions during an exclusive Ask-Me-Anything on Thursday, June 10, 2021.

Whether you’re interested in best practices for migrating apps to Kubernetes or you’re curious about Joe’s predications for the furture of K8s, Joe has the answers to deepen your understanding of Kubernetes and help navigate your Kubernetes journey.

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TGI Kubernetes

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TGI Kubernetes 157: Exploring kcp: apiserver without Kubernetes

Join Evan as we explore, a kubernetes apiserver without most of the built-in Kubernetes types. Learn a bit about

TGI Kubernetes 156: Exploring upstream k8s containers and OS images w/ multi-arch

Join jay as we go through how upstream Kubernetes builds both container and OS images across the project. This includes

TGI Kubernetes 155: Backstage

- 00:00:00 - Welcome to TGIK! - 00:03:20 - Week in Review - 00:20:17 - Starting with backstage - 00:30:41

TGI Kubernetes 154: Pixie

Come hang out with Evan Anderson as he takes a look at Pixie, a new monitoring project being donated by

TGI Kubernetes 153: KPNG and the ongoing Kube Proxy story

Join jay as we go through the kube-proxy backlog, and look at how it is evolving with KPNG, a solution

TGI Kubernetes 152: Cluster Testing with Sonobuoy

Evan Anderson and Gustavo Franco discuss using Sonobuoy to run your own cluster-level acceptance tests.

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The Podlets Podcast

A VMware audio guide to cloud native concepts.

Kubernetes Sucks for Developers, Right? No. (The Podlets, Ep 21)

We are joined by Ellen Körbes for this episode, where we focus on Kubernetes and its tooling. Ellen has a

Kubernetes Operating System (The Podlets, Ep 20)

Running Kubernetes on conventional operating systems is time-consuming and labor-intensive. Today’s guests Andrew Rynhard and Timothy Gerla have engineered a

Application Modernization with Chris Umbel and Shaun Anderson (The Podlets, Ep 19)

Today on the show we are very lucky to be joined by Chris Umbel and Shaun Anderson from Pivotal to

Should I Kubernetes? (The Podlets, Ep 18)

We did it! We messed up the video, so only sound for this episode. On the other hand, the sound

Keeping up with Cloud Native (The Podlets, Ep 17)

If you work in Kubernetes, cloud native, or any other fast-moving ecosystem, you might have found that keeping up to

Cloud Native Apps (The Podlets, Ep 16)

Do you know what cloud native apps are? Well, we don’t really either, but today we’re on a mission to

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