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Friday, July 31

[Webinar] Building Applications on Kubernetes: Setting up your Workstation

Are you a developer responsible for developing applications to run on Kubernetes, but not sure where to start? Watch the KubeAcademy webinar to learn best practices for setting up your workstation—derived from hosts Josh Rosso and Eric Smalling’s experience working with developers in the field. They'll begin by sharing some tools you will want to work with such as Docker and a locally runnable Kubernetes cluster. Then they'll teach you about the basics and best practices involved with running applications in containers and, finally, how to deploy them on Kubernetes.

Friday, July 31

[Webinar] Building Platforms on Kubernetes: Ask the Experts

Kubernetes is, essentially, a platform for building platforms. Join VMware Staff Kubernetes Architects and KubeAcademy Instructors Jonathan Smith, Eric Smalling, Josh Rosso, and Rich Lander for a webinar in which we provide a forum to discuss the main concerns you need to solve for when building a platform on Kubernetes. While Kubernetes has become the de-facto standard distributed application development platform, standing up a Kubernetes cluster is only part of the effort. Successful adoption of the platform requires ensuring that developers can readily run their applications on Kubernetes. If you are interested in building successful platforms atop Kubernetes, join us to learn from our team of experts with extensive production experience building large-scale, enterprise Kubernetes platforms. Don't forget to bring your questions!

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