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Welcome to KubeAcademy from VMware!

KubeAcademy is a free, product-agnostic Kubernetes and cloud native technology education program built by a team of expert instructors.

As Kubernetes adoption continues to soar, KubeAcademy provides an accessible learning path to advance your skill set, regardless of where you are on your Kubernetes journey.

We created KubeAcademy because we’re passionate about Kubernetes, but more importantly, we’re passionate about the Kubernetes community. Learning a new technology can be challenging, especially one as young as Kubernetes. It is our goal to help you learn Kubernetes in an easy-to-understand and accessible way by sharing knowledge openly through KubeAcademy.

In creating KubeAcademy, we were inspired by Khan Academy. We admire how Sal Khan broke down complex topics into component parts that are easy to understand. Since its inception in 2008, Khan Academy has taken on a life of its own — hosting content from a variety of instructors on a multitude of topics. That’s our goal with KubeAcademy — to build a wealth of knowledge from instructors throughout the open source community to provide well-rounded, unbiased training.

KubeAcademy courses are composed of a series of short video lessons. The courses dive into topics for skill levels ranging from beginner to advanced. A breadth of courses are available for various roles, from system administrators new to Kubernetes to operators ready to manage clusters.

If you find yourself eager to learn more about Kubernetes but you’re short on time, KubeAcademy was made with you in mind.

We invite you to create your own profile on KubeAcademy to track your progress, save your favorite courses and lessons, earn achievements, receive alerts when new courses are available, and more.

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Don’t see the topic or course you’re looking for on KubeAcademy? Drop us a line to let us know! We’re always collecting requests for new topics as we continue to expand the KubeAcademy course catalog. Enjoy the journey!

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